Nasheeka Nedsreal is a performer from Louisiana, working across movement, text and music. After studying Dance and Fine Arts, she moved to Berlin where she has resided for the last 4 years. In recent years, her work explores identity, female and African diasporic narratives, intimacy, ritual and improvisation. She has performed at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Ada Studio, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Dock11, Circus Charivari, Promethean Theatre and with various artists throughout Germany, USA, and India. In 2014, Nasheeka founded Soul Sisters Berlin, a collective dedicated to connecting Black women throughout Germany and Europe. The collective performed their first original piece entitled, ”Mirror Mirror”, which she co-directed. Nedsreal works as a fashion model, stylist, volunteer, actress and educator; teaching English, Dance and Theatre, throughout Germany. In 2016, she began teaching a Contemporary Fusion dance class for women of color under the title Black and Brown Bodies in Motion, coined by Valerie McMillan. In 2017, she joined Berlin-based dance company, Grupo Oito and made her premiere in the performance entitled, ”Unrestricted Contact”.


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