Sounds of Sankofa: A Solidarity Concert
Hosted by Prachtwerk & Soul Sisters Berlin

“Join us for the premiere of, “Sounds of Sankofa” at Prachtwerk Berlin! Sounds of Sankofa is a solidarity performance series that celebrates afro-diasporic performing arts and supports the establishment of the Sankofa initiative. With artists and musicians from around the world, we’ll visit the soundscapes of global and local utopias while supporting the positively profound, social impact Sankofa Kita will have on our communities for years to come!

We’re honored to have intimate performances by:

Kenny Wesley

Astrid North

Abass Ndiaye

3 Women


Thandi & Samira

This event will be moderated by spoken word artist, Soul Sister and “Poetry meets Hip Hop” curator, Jumọke Adeyanju ( & )

Sankofa is a new parents-initiative kita that focuses on the social well-being of children with African descent. While children of all backgrounds are welcome into this community, the specific needs of children with african descent, and children of color are the central elements of our community principals and pedagogical approach. The newly founded SANKOFA KITA made it’s grand opening November 1st, 2016!

Please visit for more information.

Despite being funded by the government, Sankofa has already accumulated a significant debt (due to the 10% ‘Eigenanteil’ – the government funded the renovations etc up to 90% – Sankofa had to raise the remaining 10%); rent payments and a very high security deposit (Sankofa did not start generating income until November 1st – the day we opened. Our lease, however, started in August); professional development for our staff.

With your support Sankofa Kita will also be able to finance: Educational Materials (i.e. books, paper, crayons, cleaning supplies, office supplies); and costs for re-doing our garden (plants, bushes, outdoor play equipment).

Sankofa’s ultimate goal is to create a better tomorrow for our children and our communities! With your collective support Sankofa is confident in reaching this goal!

We look forward to seeing and meeting each and every one of you! THANK YOU for your support!


***Sounds of Sankofa: A Solidarity Concert – Suggested Donation Fee: 6-10€***