Black Girls Picnic

Black Girls Picnic is a chill end of summer get together where we celebrate all the beauty that is Black Womanhood.
Bring your best friends, sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties and grandmothers! Bring food and drinks to share!
Program to be announced…

Black Girls Picnic is for African diasporic women identitifed peoples. This event is for cisgender, transgender, lesbian, bisexual and queer women.

This event has been created to celebrate Black women in all our forms. We define Black as those who are culturally and ethnically descended from the African Diaspora.
If you have been invited to this event and you do not share this identity please be a good ally, express solidarity and pass the invitation on to those who do.

*Transracial adoption exception:
We understand that there are young Black children who have been adopted into White & other families and these families have contacted us about bringing their children on the day.
The BGP team are happy for you to do so as we agree it is important for young Black children to be involved as much as possible in cultural events such as these.
If it is possible to arrange supervision by a woman identified person on the day that would be amazing if not please contact us just to inform.
We hope you find some new adopted aunties on the day!
Note: These are the only exceptions we intend to make regarding those who are not Black (of the African diaspora) as defined in the event description.

We want to thank one of the founding members Chardine Taylor-Stone for supporting us from London.

Date: September 10, 2016

TIme: 2-8pm


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