Soul Sisters Presents: When I Speak – An Open Mic Night for Black Womxn

Special Guests: CLaw, Felicia Lazaridou, Adrian Blount, Cienna Davis & Nasheeka Nedsreal
Hosted by Sera Kalo

**While this open mic welcomes all -open minds- and -open hearts- to attend, the open mic will be honoring the voices of black identifying womxn only. Everyone is warmly welcome to attend this event when you can kindly respect this requirement as we aim to maintain a peaceful, reflective and transformative space!** ♥

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(All Languages Welcome!/ Alle Sprache Wilkommen! Spanish, Portugese, Zulu, French, Creole, Ga – All of it!!)

This OPEN MIC was created for the EMPOWERMENT, RECLAMATION and EXPLORATION of the black womxn’s voice and identity in public places! ALL BLACK WOMXN ARE INVITED to speak into the mic and unapologetically share thier thoughts, opinions, and observations about their identities and experiences in today’s world. (Topics may include but are not limited to: identity, sexuality, womanhood, colorism, hair, education, cultural appropriation, stereotypes, love, self-discovery…etc – whatever you want to talk about!!)

Over the decades female voices, particularly, black female voices, have been suppressed, oppressed, and silenced by racist and sexist structures. Enforced by daily microagressions and misrepresetation (or lack thereof), black womxn’s voices have been arrested and not given the space for unaltered expression.

This evening is about reclaiming space for black womxn’s voices to present and express themselves honestly. Agency of one’s voice and space to tell one’s story can be the key to aiding the HEALING processes of trauma, self-reflection/acceptance and self development. With this open mic, we BREAK THE SILENCE to create an empowering and reflective space through which active and passive participants are empowered to speak and listen.


*Entry is donation based. We suggest ~5 euros, however, nobody will be turned away.*